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Big Indian Archers has been going strong for over 12 years. A lot of dedicated men and women have put thousands of hours into making this one of the best archery facilities and 3D archery shoots in the Midwest. All because of our love of the sport.

With some serious health problems and increasing age of these dedicated men nd women that have built this all from the ground up. It is time for a changing of the guard with new officers and helpers at BIA. A need for new blood to keep this great organization going strong. You would receive help and guidance from present members. Everything is in place to keep this all going without missing a beat. All equipment and all of the best 3D targets you can get are ready for future use. Financially we are in great shape to continue. This has all been built from the ground up to make this a family oriented place to enjoy the great outdoors.

We have given thousands of dollars in bows and archery equipment to our youth. Also thousands of dollars to free youth lifetime hunting permits. It would be a shame to not be able to keep this going for our kids. Thousands of hours have been dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of archery. We have purchased an enclosed trailer with targets, bows and arrows to keep this youth and family experiences going.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been put into this facility. Storm Shelter, restrooms, Camping facilities, kids playground equipment and shelters for all to enjoy not just archers. This is some of the improvements that have been completed over the years. It would be a shame to not see this all keep going.

We would appreciate you giving this a lot of thought and deep consideration on helping keep this great organization going strong. We all know how busy everyone's schedules are but it will give you a great feeling inside to see all the families and everyone enjoying this great sport. If we don't get needed help this will be the last year for BIA.

We have done all of this for our LOVE of the sport and watching everyone enjoying our facility. All of the thank you's and compliments has been our payback for all these years.

Thanks from BIA members for your time on reading this and your deep consideration.