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Big Indian Archers Membership Application


Name; __________________________________________     Phone;_______________


Home Address;____________________ City;____________ State;____ Zip;________


Email:______________________________ Occupation;_________________________

Annual Single Membership - $20.00    Family Membership - $25.00

Business Membership-$40.00 includes Family Membership and Web Page Add

Payment received by; ___________________________ Check# _______________

Dues are due on January 1st each year.

Mailing Address;  Big Indian Archers,

John Pavlik 1343 E.Olive Rd., Blue Springs, NE 68318

2018 Club Officers

President Ryan Vogal 402-720-7308

Vice President/Secretary Lanna Goodwin 785-562-7639

Treasurer John Povlik 402-520-0322

3D Course Coordinator John Weiss 402-806-0630

3D Course Coordinator Robert Goodwin 785-562-7638

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